InteliTHERM HTG400 Proton Vietnam



  • High accuracy (±2°c + 0.2%*).
  • Instant temperature reading.
  • Unaffected by material types or emissivity.
  • Fully portable handheld unit.
  • Long life rechargeable li-ion battery.
  • User-friendly simple operation.

The InteliTHERMTM HTG400 is a compact handheld wire temperature measuring device that is suitable for use on all bare wire types. It has a special bimetallic wheel construction and integrated electronics. This enables high precision (+/- 2°C + 0.2%*) temperature measurement up to 400°C (752°F). The InteliTHERMTM HTG400 is extremely easy to use. Switching between °C and °F is achieved with a single push of the °C/°F units button. The device is fully portable with an integrated rechargeable battery. Temperature is displayed on an easy to read built in LCD display.

Temperature measurement range Ambient temperature to +400°C (752F)
Accuracy ±2°C + 0.2%*
Bare wire diameter range 0.3mm - 10mm (0.0118 Inch - 0.393 Inch)
Max line speed 2000m/min (Higher speeds available on request)
Display LCD with LED back light
Battery type 18650 Li-ion
Battery capacity 3000mAh (>1000 measurements)
Charging interface USB-C
Charging time from empty ~8 hours
Charging voltage 4.7V~5.2V
Charging current ≥ 500mA
Ambient operating temperature +5 ~ +40°C
Storage temperature 0 ~ +45°C