Cold Rolling Mills


Proton Products InteliSENS® SLM Series non-contact, unidirectional speed and length gauges provide extremely accurate speed and length measurements for metals industry applications. They are available with extended stand-off distances and greater depth-of-fields than the standard InteliSENS® SL Series gauges, which allows them to be used to measure very high temperature objects such as in hot-rolling processes.

Applications requiring a precise cut-to-length process benefit from the non-slip and highly accurate laser measurement technique which reduces scrap, increases uptime and improves material yield by eliminating product “Give Away” or “Short Length” claims.



Model SLM6060 SLM120120 SLM200200 Units
Stand-off distance* 600 1200 2000 mm
23.6 47.2 78.7 inch
Depth-of-field 60 120 200 mm
2.36 4.72 7.87 inch
Minimum speed 0.2 0.4 0.8 m/min
0.6 1.2 2.4 ft/min
Maximum speed 5000 10000 10000 m/min
16400 32800 32800 ft/min
Weight 3 4.5 kg
6.6 9.9 lb
Length 230 317 mm
9.06 12.48 inch
Width 130 mm
5.12 inch
Height 75 mm
2.95 inch


*Other stand-off distances are available on request.


Specification Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Accuracy*     0.05 %
Repeatability     0.02 %
Acceleration     500 m/s2
Internal measurement rate     100 kHz
Measurement output interval 40     µs
Laser spot size     3 mm
Operating temperature 5   45 °C
41   113 °F
Environmental protection     IP67  
Power supply 15 24 25 VDC
Power consumption     20 W


*only valid if the measured object is positioned within the central 20% of the depth-of-field.

Measurement units (end-user configurable) Speed metres/minute feet/minute
Length metres feet yards
Laser safety control inputs Laser External closed contact enables laser diode.
Shutter External closed contact opens laser shutter.
2×Logic inputs (end-user configurable) Electrical Maximum input voltage: +24Vdc
Function Length reset Display hold Length hold
Speed hold Direction Pause
3×Relay outputs (end-user configurable) Electrical Isolated, floating relay contacts
Maximum voltage: 50Vdc Maximum current: 0.5A
Function Gauge OK Laser at temp Shutter open Laser on
Measuring Preset Length 1 Preset Length 2
3×Pulse outputs (end-user configurable) Electrical Opto-isolated differential pairs
Output voltage: 5V or user supplied (up to 24V)
Maximum frequency: 250kHz
Function Quadrature Index
Analogue output (end-user configurable) Electrical Output voltage: 0 to +10V (end-user scalable)
Function Speed Good readings
CANbus communications Connects to an optional Proton Products AiG2 interface display unit
Serial communications RS-232 RS-422 / 485
Optional communications (factory-installed, choice of one) PROFIBUS Ethernet/IP DeviceNET
Optional wireless communications (factory-installed, choice of one) WiFi Bluetooth