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  • For induction preheating of solid and stranded copper, copper-clad and aluminium wires up to 200°C (300°C for High Temperature (-HT) models) prior to insulation extrusion.
  • Rolling contact technique uses direct wire-to-wire contact to short-circuit the wire loop.
  • Highest power to wire transfer rate EEE  96% (Electrical Energy Efficiency) ensuring minimal losses and maximum use of available power.
  • Uses parabolic control algorithm to ensure high degree of heating accuracy for all line speeds and wire sizes.
  • Integrated “spectral radiation” InteliTHERM temperature measurement (optional) available for higher precision of wire temperature measurement and control.
  • Fitted with wear-resistant, long-life ceramic pulleys.
  • Suitable for high line speed applications where conventional preheaters exhibit excessive pulley wear.
  • Suitable for aluminium wire applications where conventional preheaters suffer from aluminium deposition on the pulleys.
  • Housed in rugged enclosures to survive harsh industrial environments.
  • Controlled using a user-friendly, menu-based LCD interface display unit.
  • Available with industry-standard communications interfaces fitted either as standard or as an option.
  • Available in different power output models suitable for all budgets and line speeds.
  • Available in 400 and 480 VAC 3-phase mains supply voltage models.

The ProTHERMIC PH Series are a comprehensive range of High Frequency induction Preheaters featuring the latest advanced High Frequency solid state technology. Wire preheating is an essential operation to achieve elimination of wire moisture, improve stripping characteristics, and avoid pin hole and bare patch faults.

The Proton InteliTHERMTM Spectral Radiation non contact wire Temperature Gauge is now available for use with new or existing preheaters. Proton Preheaters have a high degree of accuracy during preheating, however for some applications when temperature stability and precision are critical the use of the InteliTHERMTM SRTG device can further enhance temperature stability. The InteliTHERMTM SRTG series connects directly to the preheater control module providing fast and precise temperature feedback and control. This makes operating the preheater as simple as just setting the temperature and pressing go.


All pulleys are manufactured from alumina ceramic which for wear resistance and precision machined to ensure that uniform tension is applied to the wire, thus reducing SRL problems in data and telecommunications cable applications. The pulleys are mounted on low friction, double row ball bearings to minimise the drag force (tension increase) on the wire as it passes through the preheater.

The preheater is powered from a 3-phase mains input, which is converted to a high-frequency supply by a specially designed inverter, the output of which is automatically adjusted to deliver the necessary power to maintain the required “Preset Temperature” regardless of wire size or production speed.

The preheater is fully protected against mains supply phase loss or brownouts.

Pulley root diameter   194   mm
Solid wire diameter 0.3   2 mm
Stranded wire diameter     2.5 mm
Stranded wire cross-sectional area     4.9 mm2
Wire preheat temperature     200 °C
Wire tension increase (at a line speed of 1500m/min)     1 N
Power supply frequency 47   65 Hz
Wire line height 980 1000 1020 mm
Weight     360 kg
Operating temperature 5   45 °C
Ingress protection (wire entry/exit areas and pulley compartment only)     IP53  
Wire direction Left-to-right (LR) or right-to-left (RL); must be specified at time of ordering.
Wire material Copper / Aluminium / Copper-clad / Special

Standard Interfaces

4x Logic inputs Function Solenoid door lock (if fitted) Emergency stop
Start preheating Stop preheating
Maximum input voltage +24V
4x Isolated relay outputs Function Fault State
Auxiliary Emergency stop
Maximum contact rating 50VDC / 30VAC / 0.5A
Temperature set input 0 to +10V temperature control input, user scalable
Communications interfaces RS-232*
*An optional RS-232-to-USB converter cable is available for connection to USB equipped computers.


(must be specified for installation at time of manufacture; cannot be retrofitted)

Wire loop current output 0 to +10 V output proportional to 0 to 2000A(rms) wire loop current
Communications interfaces PROFIBUS
Solendoid door lock Locks the access door(s) shut until motion of the pulleys has come to a complete stop.
Height plinth Raises the nominal line height to 43" (1092mm).
Twin doors For use in confined factory spaces where the standard single door is too large (not applicable to PH160, PH450 or PH600)
Maximum output power / kW 20
3-phase power supply voltage / VAC (rms line-to-line) 400