Model: NPort 5650-16 MOXA Vietnam
16 port device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232/422/485, RJ-45 8pin, 15KV ESD, 100V or 240V
Ordering code: T9322B1FH4104252 WISE Vietnam
INDICATING TEMPERATURE SWITCHFULL COMPENSATION SYSTEM Model : T932; Switch form: Two SPDT contact for dual setpoint
Type of mounting: Bottom connection, surface, case mounting plate
Stem material: 316SS ; Stem, process connection: 3/4"
Stem connection type: MT + PT (Movable thread) Stem outer diameter: 12.0mm; Stem length: 200mm; Range: 0-100 độ C
Capillary length (m): 25 meters
Accessories: Special accuracy (±1.0 % of full scale
Model: BExBGL2DPDC024AB1A1R/R E2S Vietnam
Explosion Proof L.E.D. Status Light & Beacon
Model: BExBGL2DPDC024AB1A1R/A E2S Vietnam
Explosion Proof L.E.D. Status Light & Beacon
Model: DF9032/03/03 0~50mm DEA Vietnam
Case Expansion Monitor Module
Model: DF9011 DEA Vietnam
Precision transient speed monitor
Model: DF9032 DEA Vietnam
Case Expansion Monitor
Input Voltage: 90-265VAC ; Maximum Current: 0.3A
Model: GX-2009 Riken Keiki Vietnam
TYPE-A HC Portable Multi Gas Detector
Flow Transmitters RRI- 025GVQ160V10KE+ LABO-RRI-INS Honsbergs Vietnam
Nominal width: DN 25; Mechanical connection : Female thread
Connection material: PVDF; Housing material : PPS
Inwards flow drilling: Ø16,0; Sealing material: FKM
Rotor: With 10 Clamps; Material for clamps: 1.4310
Signal output: for electronics OMNI, FLEX, LABO, ESA1, ESK3
Electrical connection: For round plug connector M12x1, 4-pole
Special note: Please note that 1 RRI can only work with 1 LABO part
Model: DTX-200 Hans-Schmidt Vietnam
Tension Meters
SF6 Gas Density Digital Monitor (3800 Series) HISCO Vietnam
Process / Conduit Connection : G1/2" / M20 X 1.5P (F)
Range : -1~10 bar ; Contact Type : Low-Low-High
Accuracy : ±1.0% of F.S at 20°C ; Contact Rating : DC 250V - 2A
Model: K-SML15AC380G E2S Vietnam
Motor Driven Sirens
Model: OnCell G3111-HSPA MOXA Vietnam
1 port Five-band industrial HSPA/UMTS IP gateway,
RS-232, DB9 male
Model: P1001/6-L-ANI-0-485-R-AC Vetec Vietnam
Model: P1001/6-P-ANI-0-485-R-AC Vetec Vietnam
Model: KR2206-40A-20A Kwangjin Vietnam
Rotary Joint/ Swivel Joint
Model: KR2207-40A-20A Kwangjin Vietnam
Rotary Joint/ Swivel Joint
Code: AC1333 IFM Vietnam
Controller ; ControllerE M4 1Master RS232
Code: AC1258 IFM Vietnam
Interface power supply ; PSU-1AC/ASi-8A
Code: LR2750 IFM Vietnam
Continuous level Sensor ; LR0000B-EA01AKSKG/US
Code: E33213 IFM Vietnam
Process adapter hygienic Pipe fitting
ADAPT IFM-DIN11851 DN50/2"
Code: E43348 IFM Vietnam
Probe for level Sensor LR HYGIENE PROBE L1500
Code: 86048010 Kromschroder Vietnam
VGBF 50F40-3 Governor for gas
Spring-loaded, with inlet pressure compensation diaphragm and zero shut-off, to maintain a constant set pressure DN 50; Flange to ISO 7005; pu max. 4 bar; Screw plug at the inlet and outlet; For gas, EC type-tested and certified; Set to 20 mbar (range: 10-30 mbar)
Code: 1060445 SICK Vietnam
TIM551-2050001 Sensor
Code: 1041114 SICK Vietnam
LMS111-10100 Sensor
Code: 1065887 SICK Vietnam
GL10-P4212 Small Photoelectric Sensor
Code: 1041114 SICK Vietnam
LMS111-10100 Sensor
Model: D1072D GM International Vietnam
2 Ch; TC-RTD-Tx Pot Input; mA-V Outputs; Fully Software Programmable; SIL 2
Model: KH250FB Nitto Seiko Vietnam
Flow Meter ; Specification:
Size: 250mm; Accuracy: +-2.0%; Flow range: 40-350 m3/hr
Fluid: water; Viscosity: 1 mPa.s; Max. temp.: 80 Deg C
Max. pressure: 1.0 MPa; Connection: Jis 10K RF Flange
Flow direction: right to left; Indication: Pointer and 5 digits totalizer
Output: DA conversion Pulse (2L/P)
Material: Body: cast iron; Inner case: cast bronze; Fan wheel: plastic
Model: EZ2-11011P500P0 Nitto Seiko Vietnam
Input signal: DA conversion pulse from flow meter; Output signal
Analog: 4-20mA DC; Pulse: 10L/P voltage signal
Power: external power is required
Model: KA075DB-T-20 Nitto Seiko Vietnam
Flow meter for steam; Flow meter for water
Size: 75mm ; Accuracy: +-2.0% ; Flow range: 15-80 m3/hr
Fluid: water; Viscosity: 1 mPa.s; Max. temp.: 130 Deg C
Max. pressure: 2.0 MPa; Connection: Jis 20K RF Flange
Flow direction: right to left; Indication: Pointer and 5 digits totalizer
Output: without
Material: Body: ductile cast iron; Inner case: cast bronze; Fan wheel: metal wheel
Model: MRU-500N Showa Sokki Vietnam
Ultra small load cell
Item no.: 4048243211 DIAS Infrared Vietnam
PYROSPOT DT 4L -40...1000°C, 20:1, 2.5m; Digitale Pyrometer with sensor head, housing with display and programming keys
- Measuring range: -40...1000 °C
- Uncertainty: ±1 % of meas. value or ±1K
- Spectral range: 8...14 µm; - Emissivity: 0,20...1,00
- Response time (t95): 100 ms
- Output: 0/4 to 20 mA, switchable, temp. linear
- 2× opto relay switching outputs, potential-free
- Interface: galvanically isolated RS-485, half duplex, max. 115 kBd
- Storage: Maximum- or Minimum storage
- Housing IP 65; - Length of sensor head measuring cable 2.5m
- Ambient temp.: 0 to 125 °C (seonsor head), 0 to 70 °C
(electronics); - Optical resulution: 20:1
NOTE: Delivery without connecting cable
Code: 2320911 Phoenix Contact Vietnam
QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/10/CO Power Supply
Code: 2708274 Phoenix Contact Vietnam
PSI-MOS-PROFIB/FO 850 E Converter
Code: 2909519 Phoenix Contact Vietnam
PLC-RSC-24DC/21HC/EX Relay Module ; MOQ 10pcs
Model: DX2-1000 Hans-Schmidt Vietnam
Tension Meter
Model: 6230MKA Jenco Instrument Vietnam
6230M pH meter with 600P pH/Ref/temp probe and carrying case
Model: 9250MKA Jenco Instrument Vietnam
including 9250M DO meter with LD-900-10 DO electrode,LD-900-3A membrane kit and carrying case
Replaced by: HT-1300ZS HODAKA Vietnam
(HT-1300N) Flue Gas Analyser O2 0-20.9 (Vol%) ; CO 0-10000ppm; Flue gas temperature 0-650°C; Excess air5; Combustion heat loss (%); Combustion efficiency (%); Dew point; Sampling probe (300mm  rp6mm,  0-650 °C, hose, 2700mm,  condensate trap; Battery charger (AC100-240V 50/60Hz); Soft case; Calibration report
Vega Puls67 ; Rada sensor
Model: MET391.XXHXX VEGA Vietnam
Art number: 055712 Novotechnik Vietnam
MAP-444.8-PC Signal displayer (code sai MAP444.8-PO-A1)
Art number: 055663 Novotechnik Vietnam
MAP-344.8-PC Signal displayer (Code Sai MAP344 .8-PO-A1)
Art number: 059010 Novotechnik Vietnam
Z-FTI-B01 Position Transducer
Art number: 023264 Novotechnik Vietnam
TR-0100 Potentiometer
Model: RAYMI3COMM4 Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam
MI3 series IR thermometer I/O box with USB 2.0 and RS485communications. Select the type of standard sensing heads listed above. For use over long distance or multi-drop networks and requires use of Smart RS485 converter.
Model: RAYMI310LTFCB3 Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam
Fast Response Mi3 Series Low Temperature Sensing Heads
0 - 1000°C (32 - 1832°F), 8 - 14 µm, 10:1, 20 msec, 3m (9.8') preinstalled cable (instead of standard 1m cable)
Model: RAYMI310G5SCB3 Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam
5 Micron Sensing Heads For Glass Applications
250 to 1650°C, 5 µm, D:S 10:1, 130 msec, 3m (9.8') preinstalled cable (instead of standard 1m cable)
Model: RAYMI310LTSCB15 Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam
-40 to 600°C (-40 to 1112°F), 8 - 14 µm, 10:1, 130 msec, 15m (49') preinstalled cable (instead of standard 1m cable)
Model: RAYMI310LTSCB30 Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam
-40 to 600°C (-40 to 1112°F), 8 - 14 µm, 10:1, 130 msec, 30m (98') preinstalled cable (instead of standard 1m cable)
Model: RAYMI3COMM Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam
Installation of MI3 sensing head with MI3/MI3M communications box
Type: HCT-820JL(HG-J-0006) Han Gil Control Vietnam
Lever Switch Joystick Lever Ass'y
Type: HCT-820M (HG-J-0001) Han Gil Control Vietnam
Type: HCT-820K2(HG-J-0002) Han Gil Control Vietnam
Type: HCT 228M (HG-H-0011) Han Gil Control Vietnam
Type: HCT 228K (HG-H-0012) Han Gil Control Vietnam
Type: K12G BK (HG-H-0019) Han Gil Control Vietnam
Type: SPP203K + KNOB Han Gil Control Vietnam
Type: HCT-228R (HG-H-0013) Han Gil Control Vietnam
Code: HMT330 7S1D001BXAA100A1DAABAA1 Vaisala Vietnam
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Transmitter type: HMT337 for high humidities
Probe cables: Probe 2m +180C
Additional temperature probe: 2m, -70..+180°C 1/4 DIN Class B
Calculations: Cod RH+T+Td+a+Tw+x+h+pws With warmed RH-pro+T-pro ; No display, power supply : Standard (10...35V,24VAC)
Signal output: Analog Output 4...20mA
Analog output signals for Ch1: 0...100%RH
Analog output signals for Ch2: Special (pls confirm as placing order); Output units: Metric Units ; Option for module slot 1&2: no module; Cable bushings: Sealed Cable Gland M20x1.5
Transmitter installation: Wall Mounting Kit
Humidity sensor: Heated composite sensor
Sensor protection: PPS Grid with Steel Netting
No Installation Kit, No Accessories
Code: DPT146 A1DBD110A0X Vaisala Vietnam
DPT146 Dewpoint Transmitter
Mechanical connection: Glass Feed Through G1/2
Measurement parameters: Td/f, p, ppm, Td/f atm
Analog output Ch1 & Ch2 + RS-485 as standard: Analog Output 4...20mA
Analog output parameter or function for Ch1: Td Range  Td-80...+20C -112...+68F
Analog output parameter or function for Ch2: p absolute pressure
Output units: Metric Units
Cable for analog outputs and power supply (Port I): 0.3 m (1.0 ft) shielded M8 threaded connector
No Cable for RS485 line and power supply (Port II)
Installation accessories (ONLY for ISO1/2" thread)
Model: PM-II Hans-Schmidt Vietnam
Moisture meter
Model: 50201M Hans-Schmidt Vietnam
Compression screw electrode
Model: 50208AM Hans-Schmidt Vietnam
Needle electrode (208a)
Model: 50210M Hans-Schmidt Vietnam
Knife electrode (210)
Model: 50213M Hans-Schmidt Vietnam
Surface electrode (213)
Model: S-221K-01-1-TPC1-ANP ANRITSU Vietnam
Model: HL-400GZE Length – 200mm Towa Seiden Vietnam
LEVEL SENSOR ; Power Supply: AC200/220V; Screw-in: G 3/4’’
Paddle: W-25X55mm; Torque: Weak3; Same spec. as S/N: 487307
Model: SN61.XXANHKNAX VEGA Vietnam
Ultrasonic Sensor (SN61XXANHKNAX)
Model: IEV62-00002 TR Electronic Vietnam
INCREMENTAL ROTARY ENCODER; IE 62A*4096 cable transmitter
Drawing no. 04-IEV62-M0001; IE 62A*4096 cable transmitter
Pulse number 4096; Incremental interface
Number of channels (K1/K2) + negation; Zero pulse K0 + neg.
Supply voltage 11-27V; Protection class IP65; Limit temperature 0-80°C; Flange type ZB50; Shaft version 10FL/13.4
Model: AM4115-FVT Dino-Lite Vietnam
BCC00UP Balluff Vietnam
BKS-S 33M-00 Field-Attachable Connectors
Model: RTM 215B40-0430 WB Van der Graaf Vietnam
"GV" Drummotor
D = 215 mm; L = 750 mm; P = 2,20 kW
v = 1,2500 m/s      AFF; U = 230/400V-50Hz
* Cast iron junction box; * Electromechanical brake 190 VDC WB
* Bridge rectifier; * Filled with mineral oil 10W30
NOTE: A "TM" (drummotor) with an electro mechanical brake is called "RTM".
Code: 822698-01 RSF Elektronik Vietnam
Incremental length measuring system scanning unit MS25
- Scanning unit MS 25.44-0 M ; - Interval 40 μm, 20-fold
- with reference mark ; - Supply: +5 V
- output: rectangular signals via line driver 5 V
- CC M59: 3 m cable, LD15 connector; - without switching signals
Heater Code number: E1J42-AB12 Watlow Vietnam
Base Code Number: E1J42 = 1/4 X 1-1/2 120V 200W
Lead Type: Fiberglass (GGS) ; Lead Length (in.): 12
Protection Type:  No Selection (Chose If LA Option Is Required)
Protection Length (in.): 0
Pin Option AB= Medium Pins 5/8";  CE: No
Model: PFXSP5400WAD + PFXSP5B10 Proface Vietnam
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